Electronic Tools Procurement

Since we are able to analyze the company needs in actuality, the price that we offer are the most optimal in providing the electronic tools.

There are several tools and application which fall under e-procurement some of them are as follows:

  • In electronic data interchange system, procurement messages are exchange between computers of two separate organizations. Message is exchange in batch and can be easily transmitted and stored. EDI is mostly used for order transmission, order confirmation, logistic information and order invoicing.
  • Enterprise resource planning system have separate module to handle the procurement function.
  • Internet based tools and resources help in the process of procurement. Some of the common applications are email, internet based EDI, XML based data exchange via the internet etc. Internet provides tools for e-sourcing, e-tendering, e-auctioning, e-ordering and e-catalogue.
  • E-sourcing tool is used to identify potential suppliers during the selection phase. E-tendering tool is used to send out tenders with procurement requirements, supply schedule, contracting terms, etc. E-auctioning tools bring together potential supplier identified during selection phase under one umbrella to undertake auctioning process. E-auctioning tools operate under two separate mechanism, upward price mechanism for selling organization and downward price mechanism for the buying organization. E-ordering tool is used procurement of office supplies and services; it is accessible by all employees within the organization and is mainly used for ad-hoc purchases. A web-based ERP tool is used for product-related purchases, is exclusively used by the procurement department, and falls under a planned process.

A traditional procurement process starts with phase requirement definition, sourcing, solicitation, evaluation, contracting and contract management. In the internet based this steps are replaced by e-sourcing, e-tendering, e-reverse auction, e-ordering and web based ERP.

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